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Pay-per-Click (PPC) is one of the most effective, tried, and tested marketing techniques in the digital landscape. Over the years, PPC campaigns have evolved according to marketing trends and the available digital resources.

The tactics that might have worked well five years ago may not give the same results. Hence, understanding the latest PPC trends is essential if you want better results for your business.

PPC is a dynamic area, and it keeps changing consumer behavior. That’s why PPC trends are so versatile and adapt to the available tech tools in the market.

So, it’s easy to understand that the modern PPC trends will involve several high-tech tools like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, voice search, and many others. Hence, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors at this age, working with the latest PPC trends should be one of your major priorities.

In this post, we will go through the PPC trends to look out for in 2023 to help you pick up on anything that you might have missed in your marketing campaigns up to this point.

What is PPC

PPC stands for pay-per-click, and it’s a digital advertising model. In PPC, advertisers pay a few for ad services every time a user clicks on their ads. So, you pay when your visitors click on your ad making it a highly cost-effective option in marketing.

Generally, PPC ads are highly targeted, and the ad fee is minimal if you consider the impact of a click. For example, a $4 click could earn you a $500 sale from your website, so it’s quite profitable.

Depending on your business niche, various types of PPC ads can exist. You can advertise in images, text, videos, etc. The PPC ads appear on search engines, social media, and websites.

PPC Trends to Look Out For in 2023

PPC Trends for 2023

Here are the top PPC trends to focus on in 2023.

Automation of PPC Campaigns

PPC automation is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the digital space. It can improve your marketing campaigns considerably by automating various aspects of your PPC campaigns.

That’s why Google and other search engines provide several automation options to users for PPC marketing.
PPC automation works well if you provide the algorithms with the right learning tools. Setting up your conversion tracking also lets you write better ad copies. More importantly, when you let the machines do these tasks for you, it saves your time and resources too.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

One cannot simply deny the power of artificial intelligence in this age. AI technology continues evolving as we speak and is there in every industry. It can be useful in many ways, such as bidding assistance and ad monitoring services. But as artificial intelligence evolves, we can expect it to revolutionize the marketing sector by:

Several AI tools for PPC marketing can make your PPC marketing campaigns smoother and more effective.

Using Audience Targeting

Audience targeting lets you set specific age groups, genders, and income holders for a specific product type. Hence, you can target the right audience for your business, and your ads will only appear to those interested in buying your services or products.

The latest Google Ads updates also allow advertisers to create audience layers that can be addressed via keyword targeting. Businesses can target demographics to make their PPC more effective.

Prepare for Bumper Video Ads

Video ads are ideal for mobile marketing, especially on social media. If you don’t have video content for marketing, you’re missing out on sales opportunities. Besides generating revenue, video marketing is great for building a brand reputation and sharing your message with a wider audience.
YouTube’s recent introduction of bumper machines, businesses can turn 90-second or fewer videos into bumper ads for YouTube advertising.

Integrate Voice Search

Tools like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa have continued to prosper as users are keen to work with voice search tools.
Stats suggest that voice search will be worth $6.5 billion by 2024. Moreover, as the trend for smart devices rises, voice search will become a basic element for online shopping.

Hence, preparing your content for voice searches and integrating keywords into your content will help you attract more customers in 2023. It also means adding a more conversational tone to match the natural speech of the users.

Adding Social Media to PPC

Latest PPC Trends to know

Social media has a proven record for PPC ad success. It’s intuitive, too, because many users surf the internet via mobile phones, and social media is one of the primary applications in most smartphones.

Stats suggest that nearly 70% of users check their social media at least once daily. Out of that 70%, the percentage of those spending several minutes and hours on social media is considerably high.

Therefore, having no PPC for social media means businesses are missing out on major marketing opportunities. Typically, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are the best options for social media PPC.

Leveraging Visual Search

Visual search is common on platforms like Bing and Google. It allows users to search for products with the help of images. Google Lens is a classic example of a visual search application.

Visual search will inevitably become one of the most convenient search options for mobile users, so it’s time to prepare for it. It means creating image libraries and correctly labeling pictures to match the user queries.

Remarketing Your Services and Products

Remarketing tracks your users and displays the ads after they leave your site. It’s a targeted and personalized marketing tactic based on their previous online purchases.

It’s more about getting into your customer’s heads and reminding them of your brand. It also refers to where a customer lies in a buying cycle, which helps you create more personalized marketing strategies for each cycle stage.

SEO and PPC Go Hand-in-Hand

PPC is incomplete without SEO. SEO is all about optimizing your content with the users’ search. Therefore, SEO is an integral part of PPC campaigns.
When you sync your PPC campaign with effective SEO strategies, you can better understand your top-performing ads and create your future content accordingly. It’s a long-term relationship, and SEO is set to feature in all PPC campaigns for many years.


Smart Segmentation was primarily introduced for the gaming sector. It's a growing trend in the PPC sector that allows businesses to segment audiences on the likelihood of spending money within the app. Smart Segmentation works on machine learning algorithms to segment different factions of consumers.

Optimizing your content for mobile applications is key to improving your Facebook ads. A high percentage of Facebook users access the app from mobile devices. Moreover, you must use vertical videos and images with minimal text to better attract your customers to business ads. Moreover, keep your video ads within 5 to 15 seconds to maintain user engagement. Also, you can try various types of ads, such as sponsored ads, dynamic ads, etc.

Some reports suggest that near one-third of advert clicks in 2022 were fraudulent. It causes brands to leak money. There could be multiple reasons for click fraud, such as traffic stat padding or to exhaust competitors' ad budgets. So, click fraud detection calculators help businesses to accurately estimate the amount they lose to such frauds and how they can take necessary measures to avoid such problems.


PPC is an evergreen marketing tactic evolving with technology and digital trends. In 2023, PPC advertising heavily relies on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and social media engagement. Therefore, adding these marketing tactics to your campaigns could be ideal for your business growth this year.


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